Facebook Lego Competition

Facebook Lego Competition

Since 6/9/18 we have been running a Facebook Lego competition. There was only 2 entries that picked the correct number and followed the rules of the competition so there was no need to randomly select the winners. We will give out 2 prizes even though we didnt quite get to the 100 shares. I had to be very strict on following the conditions of entry because I want to run more of these giveaways and allowing things like multiple entries would just wreck them. 

The correct answer was 60180.

You can see in the photo of the box I took that the box number was 12/45 and the code number of the Lego was 60180 (image below)

So the winners are.

Stacey Sheahan and Fletcher Swann. Congrats guys. They have been notified

While you are here why not enter of September "Mermaid Month" competition. Check it out here. Its Free to Enter.


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