Getting Close to all products

We are getting close to having all products that are in the store available on the website. Probably about 1000 to go. This means we are getting really close to doing some special "Online Only" promotions. Soon !!!

One thing that I have done in the last weeks is to change the way each Collection shows the products. We previously displayed all products in each collection even if they are out of stock. That is gone now so you don't have to wade though items we have either run out of or will never get back. Any collection from the menus will work that way. However if you do a search you will still see all products that match that search. Eventually I will start to remove items completely from the system if we are not getting them back but until now the priority was to get everything online. 

Some of the new products from the Toy Fair have come in but many more will come in the next few months. Keep checking out the site if you are looking for something or you can always ring the store to see if we have got what your are looking for or will be getting it soon.

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