Its about time we told you that our New layout is open!

Yes I know is has been a while since our last Blog post but so much has been happening (in everybodys lives) that we just havent got round to it. 

Our stores have now been combined at 51 Belmore Street and things are looking good now. We are up and running and welcoming our customers to our new layout.

Its been hard getting new stock to replace all the lines we sold out of during our sales before moving. Jigsaws and Games have been almost impossible to come by but now we have got those back to a good level now and have more stock arriving all the time.

Hopefully the Lockdown restrictions will taken off before the school holidays in September and we get some of the visitors the town depends on then. 

I wont leave it so long before the next post and maybe I will include some photos of the new shop.

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