"UNOFFICIAL" Pokemon Go Drop in Centre

Hi All. For those of you that don't know Rhonda and Tony have been avid Pokemon Go players since it came out over two years ago. We go out walking most days and have reached very high levels in the game. In Yarrawonga we have a very small number of regular players and as such we have trouble getting groups together for the social aspects of the game (raids, friends, trading etc), For this reason we have taken it upon ourselves to become a "UNOFFICIAL" Pokemon Go Drop In Centre. 

This means that if you want to meet up with other players for any reason we are a great place to do it. Trading, New Friends, Coordinating Raids or Community Days or just come and chat about aspects of the game. Rhonda and I are up with most of the aspects of the game and can even help new players etc. If you want to join the facebook group or one of the chat groups then we can help with that too. We are also what we consider a safe place for some of the younger trainers to come and meet friends.

Here are our current trainers profiles as of 27/8/18. You will probably see us in some of the local gyms or out walking. Pop in and introduce yourself at Yarrawonga Fun and Games (37 Belmore St). One of us is there most days.


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