Website Update - New layout and New product ranges

We have had our Shopify system and website for many years now and apart from adding all the new Toy and Game products we haven't done any real changes. Things do not stand still though and Shopify has made some major changes to their layouts and themes setups. So with that I have done some changes to the layouts and colour schemes but the major change we will be doing is adding many of the "Canning A.R.T.S." lines to the website too.

Now we have thousands of lines in our gift range so the additions will be in parts and wont be all of the products. It will take quite sometime to get it all up and going. Its a major job and we are only a three person operation currently.

There will probably be some pages that don't look quite right yet but I will get to them so please stick with us though these changes.

I have also not added the customer reviews yet as I was waiting until I had done the layout changes before adding it. I would still love some more reviews to add to it if you could find the time. Thanks to those that have done them and I will get them up soon.

Thats all for now, time to get back to adding items and updating pages.


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