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1001 Cool magic Tricks Book

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Want to learn 101 of the coolest magic tricks? If you'd like to perform in front of audiences at home or school, this book will give you some great tips for preparing and creating a captivating magic show.

Or, if you just like the idea of learning some magic tricks to do in front of your family and close friends, that's fine too! Either way, this is the book for you, because there are so many tricks contained in these pages to keep you entertained for months!

You'll be able to dazzle your friends with diabolically clever card tricks and confuse them with cunning coin conundrums! Want to make objects appear and disappear? Then check out the classic conjuring and riveting ring and rope tricks!

If you've always wanted to read minds, let us show you how with masterly mental magic. But remember, we all love mysteries, that's the appeal of magic. So never, ever tell anyone how to do your tricks!

Suitable for ages 7 and up, each trick outlines the props required.
207 pages including an index and easy to understand illustrations.

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