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BBC Earth Storm Catcher

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BBC Earth Storm Catcher Weather Laboratory


  • The Storm Catcher Weather Laboratory lets you be a junior meteorologist!
  • Build your own weather station to record and measure wind speed and direction.
  • There’s even a rain gauge that helps you measure rain fall.
  • Explore meteorology, climate monitoring and solar radiation.
  • Step-by-step instructions guide you through construction of your very own weather station as well as providing amazing weather related facts.
  • Start learning about one of the biggest challenges facing us today.
  • Rain gauge jar
  • Pole
  • Spinner cap
  • Scale sticker
  • Two cable ties
  • Compass
  • Weight plate
  • 120mm plastic tube
  • Three 24mm plastic tubes
  • Four UV beads
  • UV wrist bands
  • Compass wrist bands
  • Two UV stickers
  • Colour instruction booklet
  • Plastic die-cut sheet
  • Foam die-cut sheet

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