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Chess Trainer - Electronic Set

Chess Trainer - Electronic Set

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Whether you’re just starting to learn about chess or you’ve already discovered this great game, you’re going to benefit from your new chess computer in so many ways! After all, it’s a very unique combination of opponent and tutor! And, by the way, your computer knows and follows the rules of chess -- and you can be sure that it will never cheat!


Never before has Chess been so animated! Let Alec, the Chess Training Wizard, guide you through the game, and entertain and amuse you along the way! Watch him laugh and cry and even show his impatience if you take too long! Alec will give advice using his 11 different teach modes, to help you improve your chess skills. Replay famous games, study chess openings, or play against a friend while Alec referees. A versatile chess computer packed with all the help you need to become a champion chess player!


    • LEARNING MADE FUN: through Alec’s 11 Teach Modes, hints and his animated responses!
    • IMPROVE AND PROGRESS: 64 Playing Levels: Fun through Fixed Depth, Take Back and replay up to 14 moves, 16 Opening Systems to learn from.
    • SELF-CONTAINED: Sensory board, built-in Chess Clock, piece storage compartment and 4-digit LCD display.
    • BUILT-IN MEMORY: Unfinished games held in memory, automatic Power Down feature.
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