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Code Master Game

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he Ultimate Coding Board Game

Make programming fun by learning the basics without a computer! In Code Master, your Avatar travels to an exotic world in search of power Crystals. Along the way, you use programming logic to navigate the Map. Think carefully, in each level, only one specific sequence of actions will lead to success. Once you collect all the Crystals and land at the Portal, you win! Playing Code Master won’t just teach you principles behind programming, you’ll also build planning, sequential reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Type: Logic Games
Skill: Logic and Problem Solving
Age: 8 and Up
Players: 1 Player


  • Avatar
  • Portal
  • 6 Crystals
  • 10 Maps with 60 Levels
  • 12 Guide Scrolls
  • 12 Action Tokens
  • 8 Conditional Tokens
  • Instructions with Solutions

Welcome, Code Masters! In Code Master, your Avatar will travel to an exotic world in search of Power Crystals. To collect the Crystals your Avatar needs your help.
You’ll be given maps showing:

  1. where your Avatar will start,
  2. the Crystal locations, and
  3. the location of the Portal to the next level.

Using a Guide Scrol I and a specified number of Action Tokens, you’ll write a program that powers your Avatar across the map to reach the Portal with all the Crystals in hand. Only then can your Avatar transport to the next level and harvest the next batch of Crystals.

Message for Parents & Educators

The idea that all kids should learn coding skills is one of today’s fastest growing educational movements. Code Master is a fun, hands-on way to develop computational thinking abilities and to build the mental skills necessary to understand the concept of coding. Research suggests that one primary skill required to be a successful programmer is the ability to emulate the step-by-step execution of a sequence of instructions in your mind’s eye and visualize how the instructions will play out. With Code Master, players learn to do exactly that. Much of the educational power of the game comes from the Guide Scroll – really a heavy-duty flowchart – and the variety of layouts which introduce fundamental programming control constructs like “while” loops (e.g. Scroll 7) and “if-then-else” conditional branching (e.g. Scroll 8). Code Master’s rules of program execution mimic the way real computers execute programs, stepping through a procedure contained in the computer’s memory, where some instructions are “actions” and others are conditional tests that determine where the instruction pointer should jump to next. Running Code Master programs by hand, players will build a powerful mental model of how computers operate.

About the Inventor

Mark Engelberg is the inventor of ThinkFun’s award-winning Chocolate Fix® as well as one of the challenge developers for ThinkFun’s blockbuster game Rush Hour®. To create Code Master™, he drew on his experience as a programmer of virtual reality simulations for NASA, as well as his many years of experience as a teacher of computer science and mathematical logic. Mark believes that kids of all ages can and should learn how a computer executes programs – entirely through play!

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