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Feisty Pets - Monkey - Grandmaster Funk

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Feisty Pets have taken YouTube and the world by storm, their innocent sweet faces and adorable large eyes will lull any unsuspecting person into a false sense of security, then squeeze the back of their head and Boom - your pet turns Feisty ! Feisty Pets Grandmaster Funk Monkey Plush has the same Stuffed Attitude as the rest of the Feisty Pets, with a cute soft resting face and a super fierce side that comes out when you're ready to prank your friends and family. Watch the video to see the real laughter and fun Feisty Pets are bringing to kids worldwide.

Features :

  • Feisty Pets Grandmaster Funk Monkey Plush is 8.5 inches tall of cute soft brown fur with a hidden stuffed attitude.
  • Press Grandmaster behind the ears to see his feisty side, he particularly dislikes other stuffed animals, global warming and your face.
  • Grandmaster has a cute face and adorable large eyes ..that is until you release his feisty attitude.
  • Stuffed with polyester, Grandmaster is surface washable.

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