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Glow in the Dark Superstars

Glow in the Dark Superstars

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Decorate your childs room with an entire universe of glowing stars, planets, meteorites, shooting stars and so much more!

Recreate the universe in your own room with these glow in the dark shapes, Glow Superstars includes over 500 different space shapes such as stars, planets, meteorites, moons, UFOs and rockets.

  • 150 plastic Glow shapes with sticky pads
  • 352 self-adhesive glow in the dark stickers
  • Educational leaflet full of fun facts about our solar system.
  • Decorate bedroom ceilings and walls.
  • Use to accessorise your stuff such as books, bags and more.
  • Allow exposure to natural light and watch them glow in the dark!

Create a magical night sky on ceilings and walls or use to accessorise furniture and more!

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