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Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

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Paw Patrol Sea Patrol – Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle is awesome fun for young Paw Patrollers

No job is too big and no pup is too small and the Sea Patrol Rescue Pups are ready to embark on high flying adventures in the all new Paw Patrol Sea Patrol – Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle. The Sea Patroller is no ordinary boat, it also transforms into a lland vehicle so you can reach any rescue in Adventure Bay. 

The Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Sea Patroller is simply awesome Paw Patrol fun and comes with an exclusive Ryder figure.

Features :

  • Transforms from land vehicle to large rescue boat and back again.
  • Working wheels on the bottom of the Sea Patroller can be used to travel across land, or change to boat mode for sea rescues.
  • Kids can get Ryder out of sticky situations with the moveable crane and attachable cage. Once on board, send him down the ramp on to land with his Rescue ATV
  • Real lights and sounds are add to the fun and kids can use the lifesaver launcher for rescues.
  • This set includes :
    • Sea Patroller,
    • Ryder’s Rescue ATV Vehicle
    • Ryder Figure
    • Exploration Platform
    • Octopus
    • Lifesavers
    • Anchor
  • Get your Paw Patrol team together and help the residents of Adventure Bay.

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