Pokemon Evolutions theme deck - Pikachu Power-Yarrawonga Fun and Games

Pokemon Evolutions theme deck - Pikachu Power

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This deck focuses on the Lightning-type Raichu and the Grass-type Beedrill as its main attackers. Backup attackers and Support Pokemon include Magneton, Electabuzz, Voltorb, Metapod, Tangela, and Doduo.

Supporters include Pokemon Center Lady (x1), Pokemon Fan Club (x1), Professor Oak’s Hint (x1), and Tierno (x2).

Other Trainers include Energy Retrieval (x1), Evosoda (x1), Poke Ball (x1), Professor’s Letter (x2), Revive (x1), and Switch (x1).

This deck also includes 9 Grass Energy and 9 Lightning Energy (retro style).

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