Rubik's Slide-Yarrawonga Fun and Games
Rubik's Slide-Yarrawonga Fun and Games

Rubik's Slide

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Electronic Puzzle game

Twist and slide the top face of the cube to move the lights until you reach the solution. Contains 10,000 puzzles in three difficulty levels. Race against time, or solve puzzle after puzzle without the time pressure. Uses three AAA batteries.

Rubik's Slide is a thick slab with only one face. The top of the slab can be slid up, down, left or right to nudge the coloured blocks in that direction or it can be twisted to rotate the blocks into a new orientation. When blocks get nudged over the edge, they pop back on the other side.

To play, you press a "check"-button that displays a solution and then try to rearrange the blocks into that configuration. Not all of the blocks are lit at once and you can play against the clock or just see how many solutions you can rack up. As they're solved, the puzzles give you more blocks to slide into the correct place. 

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