Shadows over Innistrad Deckbuilders Toolkit-Yarrawonga Fun and Games

Shadows over Innistrad Deckbuilders Toolkit

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The Deck Builder's Toolkit gives any collection a major boost with 125 semi-random cards and four 15-card booster packs - perfect for new players and players getting back into the game! Plus, they'll get a guide containing info on how to build their own customized deck. Since no two Toolkits are quite the same - your players can challenge each other with a variety of custom-built decks!

- 125 semi-random cards suitable for building several different Magic decks.
- Four 15-card booster packs.
- Strategy insert with deck suggestions and tips on how to build several good Magic decks.
- Learn-to-play insert.
- Magic-branded, reusable card storage box.

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