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Squawk the Eggsploding Chicken Game - Collect the Chicks to win the game.

This exciting new twist on a traditional dice game sets the players luck against the chickens will. A roll of the dice determines how many times the player pushes the chickens chest to make the chicken SQWARK, were you lucky enough to get an egg, if not, better luck next time, but if you did it's time to crack the egg and let your token fall to the table, if it lands egg side up, you miss out but if it lands chick side up your in luck you get one of the chickens precious chicks, the player who collects the most chicks wins!

Now it's time to reset the chicken in the hen house and the next player rolls, will they collect an egg and land chick side up or will the SQUAWK of the chicken frustrate them?


  • 6 Chick tokens to collect, collect the most and you win the game.
  • Suitable for ages 4 and up.
  • Includes everything you need for an afternoon of fun.
  • No batteries required.

 Let's hope you don't end up with scrambled egg on your face.

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