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Sylvanian Families - Persian Cat Family

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Since 1985, the Sylvanian Families have been enthralling young children with their good clean wholesome fun fuelled by the imagination. The whole of Sylvanian Village is filled with Sylvanians and each has their own lovely home (sold separately) that can be decorated with a range of accessories (sold separately).

Bring in the Persis Family. We have Septimus, the father, Salome, the mother and siblings Nolly and Sadie. The Persis family is quite accomplished with Septimus making amazing rugs and Salome being an artist.. Like all Sylvanian Families they have the moving arms, legs and head and an individual story that makes up the family.


  • Genuine Sylvanian Family characters with their own individual story.
  • Moveable arms and legs.
  • Fun imaginative play with no screens.


Sylvanian families, a part of every young child's family, bring home the Sylvanian Families - Persian Cat Family for extended play.

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