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Tamiya - 1/:72 - 60703 - F-117A Stealth

Tamiya - 1/:72 - 60703 - F-117A Stealth

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- Decals: Included 

- Special feature 1: Length: 285mm, Width: 182mm 

- Special feature 2: This is a 1/72 scale plastic model assembly kit of the F-117A Stealth bomber which first showed its might to the world during the Gulf War. 

- Special feature 3: Also known as the "Stealth Bomber", its job is to invade enemy airspace without detection and take out strategic points with its laser guided bombs. 

- Special feature 4: The plane's unique constitution which makes it all but invisible to radar has been realistically reproduced. 

- Special feature 5: You can choose to assemble the canopy in either open or closed positions.

1/72nd Model #60703


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