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Vtech - Stack and Splash Bathtime Boats

Vtech - Stack and Splash Bathtime Boats

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Prepare for a splash-tastic adventure with the Vtech Baby Stack & Splash Bathtime Boats! Designed for little ones from birth and beyond, this delightful bath toy promises endless aquatic fun while sneaking in some valuable learning moments.

Splish and Squirting Fun:

Dive into bathtime excitement with the easy-clean elephant squirter. Your child will be all smiles as they squeeze and squirt water for playful splashes and giggles. It's a delightful way to make every bath a joyous occasion.

9 Stack and Link boat for Creativity:

The Stack & Splash Bathtime Boats offer versatility and creativity. Stack or link the nine multi-colored boats to create exciting boat towers or floating formations. It's a hands-on activity that encourages fine motor skills and imagination.

3 Animal Cups for Adventures Afloat:

Bring your animal friends along for the ride! These adorable boats are perfect for hosting animal passengers. Let your child's favorite animal pals embark on aquatic journeys, fostering storytelling and imaginative play.

Scoop, Pour, and Learn:

The animal cups are not just for scooping and pouring water; they are also wonderful educational tools. Watch as your child explores cause and effect by discovering how water flows through different-sized holes. It's a subtle yet engaging way to introduce early concepts of physics.

Colorful Learning:

As you enjoy bathtime together, seize the opportunity to teach your little one about colors. With the vibrant, multi-colored boats and animal cups, you can make learning an integral part of playtime.

Easy Cleaning and Storage:

After the splashing and learning come to an end, the convenience doesn't stop. The squirter and animal cups are designed for easy disassembly, making cleaning and drying a breeze. No more worries about post-bath cleanup!

The Vtech Baby Stack & Splash Bathtime Boats offer an ideal blend of entertainment and education for your child's bath adventures. Watch them stack, squirt, and learn while having a whale of a time. Make every bath memorable with this delightful bath toy.

Get ready for splashes, giggles, and colorful discoveries. Dive into the world of bathtime fun with the Vtech Baby Stack & Splash Bathtime Boats today!


  • Suitable for ages: Birth and beyond
  • Splashing fun with the easy-clean elephant squirter
  • Versatile play options: Stack or link the nine multi-colored boats
  • Animal-friendly design for hosting favorite animal passengers
  • Educational water play with animal cups and different-sized holes
  • Learning colors while playing together
  • Convenient disassembly for easy cleaning and drying

Suitable for ages Birth+

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