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Watch you mouth - Game

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The name of the game is Watch Ya' Mouth and saying things is the aim. It's much harder than it sounds. This game has earned it's fame - are you up to the challenge?


Pop the mouth guard in and pick a card. Try to spit out the words well enough for your mate to understand. If the mouth guard isn't enough to stop you, the giggles surely will! The mouth guards come in two sizes so the whole family can join in!


Guaranteed to make you laugh, then cry from laughing too hard, then yell in frustration at your stupid team mates who can't guess what you're saying.


HOT TIP: Invite the grandparents. While you're waiting for them to get there, look up videos of people losing their dentures mid-game. Thank us later.



  • Can you talk with a mouth guard in?
  • Will have the whole family crying with laughter!
  • Just try not to drool...


  • Inclusions: 10 x mouth openers (6 medium, 4 small), 143 x cards with random phrases, 60 second timer
  • Ages: 8 and older
  • Players: 3-10

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