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1000 Piece Jigsaw - Maderia Island, Portugal

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Have your puzzle skills tested to the max with this wonderful 1000 piece Puzzlers World – Madiera Island Portugal jigsaw puzzle.

From the lovely green plant life, the majestic stone walkways, and the smooth water. Puzzlers World has captured the beauty of Madiera Island in Portugal perfectly. Once you have put in the last of those 1000 pieces, you will not only have something that has really tested your puzzle skills, you will have a real sense of calm as you take it all in.

The finest printing techniques and strong carding are used by Puzzlers World for all of their jigsaw puzzles to make sure that the puzzle is as strong to the touch as it is gorgeous to the eyes.

Puzzlers World Jigsaw puzzles capture places of spectacular beauty from around the world.

These puzzles are easy to assemble either on your own or with family and friends.

A print of the puzzle is included for easy reference.

Regular Cut pieces

  • Made from sturdy greyboard

  • Packed in a re-usable zip lock poly bag.

  • Puzzle size 70 x 50cm

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