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1001 Cool Freaky Facts

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In this book there are 1001 cool, freaky, funny, fabulous, foul, frightening, far-out, full-on, fascinating, first-class, phenomenal, fantastic facts for your amusement and edification. We promise you, truth is often stranger than fiction...

Need proof? In England, in the 1880's, 'pants' was considered a dirty word. Statistically, you are more likely to be attacked by a cow than a shark. The sun loses close to a billion kilograms of weight every second and an office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet!

Did you know that phobophobia is the fear of fear? 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' was written by Mozart, strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges, and hot water is heavier than cold water?!

There's no end to the facts that you will learn and can share around the dinner table. From ludicrous laws to wacky world records, there's something for everyone to give you food for thought.

Suitable for ages 10 and up.

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