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First Puzzle - Wildlife

First Puzzle - Wildlife

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Introducing the First Puzzle - Wildlife Jigsaw from Jarmelo, a delightful boxed set designed to captivate young minds! Inside, you'll find six enchanting wild animal jigsaws that are not only engaging but also educational. Each puzzle consists of a mere four pieces, making them ideal for children aged 2 and up. Crafted from exceptionally durable cardstock, these jigsaws can be assembled time and time again, ensuring hours of fun and learning.

What sets this set apart is its inclusion of matching baby animal pieces, fostering cognitive development by helping children learn how to piece puzzles together. The vivid illustrations in vibrant colours feature a charming cast of characters, including a gorilla, zebra, bear, giraffe, elephant, and lion, making learning about wildlife an exciting adventure. Encourage creativity, problem-solving, and animal recognition with this engaging Wildlife Jigsaw set – a perfect gift for curious young explorers!

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