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365 Incredible Science Experiments Book

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Learning about science doesn’t only have to involve adding vinegar to baking powder and staring at rocks. There’s so much more that can be done with the world around us, so roll up the sleeves of your lab coat, engage your imagination and let the experimenting commence! 

In this Zap! best seller, you’ll find a different science learning activity for every day of the year. Perhaps you’d like to build a bubble powered rocket and learn about space travel in the astronomy section? Or you could make a matchbox guitar and learn all about the physics of sound waves. Then there’s always the real show stopper, an erupting volcano! Full of fantastic and fun tasks for individuals or groups of friends, this activity book will add fantastic fun to your step into science.


  • Perfect for children ages 6-12
  • The brain training boredom buster
  • A perfect teaching tool too


  • 192 illustrated pages
  • Paper back
  • 18 cm wide x26cm high

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