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Binoculars - 4 * 30mm Lenses

Binoculars - 4 * 30mm Lenses

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What can you see in the distance when out on your adventures?

Perfect starter binoculars

Ideal 1st pair of child’s binoculars with crisp and clear image. Introduce your kids to bird watching with a pair of Australian Geographic toy binoculars.

Durable and lightweight

Very easy for a young child to hold without shaking and rubber grips/lens/covers can withstand being dropped. Water resistant design, if they get dropped in the mud they can be rinsed off or wiped down with no issue clear lens quality - clear lenses allow for a fantastic, magnified view in full detail so your kids can start identifying birds in the garden or on walks.

Ideal for bird watching, safari, looking at planes/cars, school trips, nature walks and much more. The perfect kids’ birthday present to get them in to Australian wildlife.

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