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Classic Wooden Chinese Checkers

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The Classic Games Collection Chinese Checkers with Marbles comes with a wooden game board and six sets of glass marbles in ten different colors. Each player needs to move all of their marbles from one side of the board to another to win. Designed for kids who can entertain two to six players who are aged seven years and older, it is a good choice for in the classroom or for playing at home. The wooden board is crafted from fine hardwood, and it has an attractive brown finish to ensure it holds up game after game. Simple yet engaging, this Chinese checkers board game will entertain your whole family. For added convenience, it is easy to store when it is not in use. Change things up next time you and your little one plays with family and friends with this wooden Chinese checkers game. It is so easy to set up and learn, they will want to play it again and a again.


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