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Crystal Growing Kit

Crystal Growing Kit

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The 4M Crystal Growing Kit gives children the opportunity to learn about chemistry and the formation of crystalline structures, whilst having enormous fun watching crystals grow and sparkle right before their eyes. 

This amazing kit contains everything that you will need to create real crystals: children will go through the process of mixing a specialised saturated liquid solution with the included crystal growth inducing seeding mixture. Once complete, simply sit back and watch the gradual expansion and the growth of the crystals over several days.

The illustrated instructions provide easy to understand guidance on what to do, and how to create the best looking crystal display. Kids will learn about the chemical reaction involved in creating the specialised saturated solution, why a saturated solution is necessary, and how the particles in the water behave when forming back together in crystallised form.

The fully grown crystal will measure approximately 5cm diameter by 4cm high. No crystal grows in the same way, so each 4M Crystal Growing Kit gives each child a truly unique formation.

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