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Dirty Minds - Game

Dirty Minds - Game

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Dirty Minds Board Game

Have you got Dirty Minds? Then you might not be very good at this game, because all the answers are clean. You're presented with 3 clues, which are packed with innuendo and you must come up with the correct answer - and it definitely won't be dirty!

If you're the type of person who hates it when someone reads something dirty into everything you say, Dirty Minds is the game for you! The dirtier a mind you have, the worse you will be at playing Dirty Minds, The Game of Naughty Clues, because all the answers are clean! Dirty Minds will provide 2 or more adults with hours of laughter as seemingly filthy clues point towards the most innocent of answers. Some people say that a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. Use yours to play Dirty Minds! But remember, nothing is as dirty as it seems.

Test how dirty your mind is by reading the following clues:
• I'm made of big white balls
• I drip when I get hot
• People stick a carrot in me
• If your answer to the above wasn't snowman you have a Dirty Mind

Features of our Dirty Minds Game:
• Completely clean...unless you have a dirty mind of course
• Simple to play, just guess the correct CLEAN answers to the Dirty Minds clues
• Each card either has a letter, lose a card, take two cards, or WILD
• The first person to spell "DIRTY" with their cards wins

• Game Rules
• Puzzle Booklets
• Pencils
• 50 Game Cards
• 912 naughty clues
• 304 clean answers

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