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Dixit - Memories Expansion - Game

Dixit - Memories Expansion - Game

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Dixit is the classic, simple, lighthearted game of storytelling and guesswork where your imagination unlocks the tale.

Add even more fun to your Dixit game, with the Dixit Memories Expansion!

Dixit...a suprising, enchanting and evocative game to be enjoyed with friends and family alike. This multi-award winning party game returns with an 84 card expansion pack.

Discover fantastic worlds through the wonderful illustrations of Carine Hinder & Jerome Pelissier, full of exotic landscapes and sweet creatures!

Get caught up in the Dixit spell and experience a new and amazing journey taking you far beyond your imagination...

Ages: 8 + | Players: 3 - 6

NB: This is an expansion to the game. You need the base game to play which can be found here.

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