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25cm Children's Swivel Globe

25cm Children's Swivel Globe

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This 25cm world globe teaches children about the animals that inhabit Earth by showing them where they are found, important landmarks (both man-made and natural), political boundaries/borders, oceans, major rivers, names of places, cities, countries, and more. It's got it all for young, inquisitive minds.

This incredible globe is cradled on an axis, just like our planet, than can be rotated into its desired position. The sturdy, light-weight base can be positioned on any flat surface and looks amazing in any room!

  • Rotating political globe mounted on a sturdy, plastic base.
  • Map features include timezones, animals, major landmarks, political boundaries/borders, and more.
  • Beautifully styled makes this globe great for any child's bedroom or study.
  • Desktop globe is packed inside an attractive, full-colour box.
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