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Fuzzy Ballz

Fuzzy Ballz

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The Inflatable Fuzzy Ball makes any ball game more fun! Perfect for throwing, catching and kicking, these goofy and fluffy balls are just as fun to giggle at and cuddle. The Inflatable Fuzzy Ball comes in a range of 6 colours, each with a different funny facial expression and design (each sold separately). They’re goofy, they’re silly, they’re bouncy and they’re very lovable. The Inflatable Fuzzy Ball is lightweight and easy to handle, for fun and carefree play. Its soft, durable fabric is lovely to hug and designed to last. The fabric is surface washable to help maintain cleanliness.

Let’s face it... you’ll have a ball with this fuzzy friend! The Inflatable Fuzzy Ball is perfect for playing with at the beach, in the park or in the garden.

There are several styles (faces) available in each colour. We can only ship by colour selected. Face may not be the same as depicted in images

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