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Guillotine - Card Game

Guillotine - Card Game

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Theme : Guillotine is a morbid card game set during the aftermath of the French Revolution. In Guillotine, you attempt to collect the highest number of and the most important Noble heads. 

Each turn, twelve new unlucky nobles are lined up. Action cards may be played to alter the order of the line so that you can collect the best nobles as they come up to the guillotine. Within three rounds, you must collect the most number of points, while making sure you do not behead the wrong individual. Highly irreverent and morbid, this humorous card game is fast to learn and just as fast to play. Heads are going to roll!

Gameplay : Guillotine is a fast playing card game of set collection and manipulation. The rules are extremely simple to learn and pick-up with each game only lasting 15-20 minutes on average.

Players begin with five (5) action cards in their hand. Each day (there are three (3) days), twelve (12) nobles are laid out awaiting beheading. On their turn, players may play an action card and then draw a card to ensure they continue to have five (5) cards in hand. They must then behead the noble first-in-line to the guillotine. Action cards allow players to change the order of nobles, to add or remove nobles or to provide additional bonus points to themselves or subtract points from other players.

Each noble has a different point value, with nobles in specific affiliations possibly bringing additional bonus points. Play for each day continues until no more nobles are available for beheading.

Overall, Guillotine is a humorous, card based game of set collection and manipulation of the deck that plays fast. A unique theme adds to the overall enjoyability of Guillotine.

  • 50 noble cards
  • 60 action cards
  • 1 guillotine
  • rules
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