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Hatchimals Magical Winged Unicorn

Hatchimals Magical Winged Unicorn

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Soar through the sky with the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Hatchicorn! This interactive Hatchimals unicorn features over 60 sounds, lights and reactions and has glittery wings that light up and really flutter!

She comes with two exclusive Twin Babies, a basket and a comb to brush her soft rainbow tail. Crack into each Hatchimals egg to reveal one of three possible pairs of the most adorable unicorns! Then, sit them on Hatchicorn’s saddle to see how she’ll respond – she has a unique reaction for each Baby! Lift her up to take flight on your adventure, and she’ll begin to flap her wings and make noises as her horn and wings change color! As you play together, Hatchicorn recognizes different flight patterns. Tilt her up to make her wings quickly flutter or tilt her down for a slow glide! As she flies, her horn and wings continue to change color. It’s so much fun! Place the Babies in the basket and when the handle is in Hatchicorn’s mouth while she’s flying or on a solid surface, you’ll hear happy noises as her horn and wings light up again!

For even more reactions and surprises, fill the basket with the Babies or other CollEGGtibles characters (toys sold separately) and place it on her back; press her hip button while she’s flying or press it while she’s on the ground to hear a special song! With all of her exciting features, Hatchicorn is perfect for pretend play storytelling.

Create your own adventures again and again! Hatchicorn and Hatchimals CollEGGtibles surprise toys for girls are perfect for kids who enjoy cute collectibles, action figures, dolls, and small toys. They make great birthday gifts for kids, Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, Easter basket stuffers and more! Includes 3 AAA batteries. Experience magical adventures with the interactive Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Hatchicorn!

INTERACTIVE TOY UNICORN: Adventure through the sky! Hatchicorn has over 60 lights and sounds, flapping glittery wings, a rainbow tail you can brush with her comb, 2 exclusive Twin Babies and a basket they can ride in!

OVER 60 LIGHTS, SOUNDS, REACTIONS: She flaps her wings when you lift her, knows when the basket is in her mouth, reacts to her Babies and so much more! Press her hip for a song when she’s not flying!

UNIQUE FLIGHT PATTERNS: Hatchicorn recognizes flight patterns! Tilt her up for a fast flutter of her wings and tilt her down for a slow glide through the air. Her horn and wings change colors! Batteries included.

BASKET OR SADDLE PLAY: Place the Babies in the basket and put it in her mouth, place it on her back or fill it with other characters! Sit each Baby on her saddle to discover reactions for each unicorn!

SURPRISE TOYS FOR 5 YEAR OLD GIRLS AND UP: Hatchimals toys & games, toy figures & playsets, flying toys, dolls & accessories are the perfect gifts for 5 year old girls and up. Collect them all!

Includes: 1 Hatchimals Interactive Unicorn, 2 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, 1 Basket, 1 Comb, 1 Instruction Sheet

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