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Host your own Indian Evening

Host your own Indian Evening

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India... the land of extremes - from the chills of the Himalayas to the thrills of Bollywood; the karma of the Snake Charmer to the 'Ooooooh' of an Vinderloo! Now you can bring the wonder of this diverse sub-continent into the comfort of your own home!

Included in this pack you'll find:
Audio CD packed with original tracks... 12-tone ragas with the intricate beat of tabla drums and the quintessential sitar to create an instant Asiatic atmosphere.
CD Quiz Games to test your guests... with a Quiz Challenge, Guessing Games, a Monumental Memory test & Activity Games.
Host's Guide introducing the history and culture of India & helpful tips to turn a room in your house into part of the Taj.
Regional Recipes authentic cuisine laced with garlic, hot chillies and exotic spices.
Invitations to pack the house with people.
Name Tags to help you recognise Vijay from Sanjay... Reeta from Gheeta.
PLUS 'Pin the Jewel in the Crown' competition!

Player 4+

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