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Bionic Shark Remote Control

Bionic Shark Remote Control

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BIONIC SHARK is a new breed of water toy that is super easy to operate and loads of fun. BIONIC SHARK has dual motor drive system and bionic spine that creates a realistic swimming motion that looks like a real shark. BIONIC SHARK also features 2 speeds (slower speed for bathtub setting) and an auto-pilot mode that you can use to make the shark swim straight or a figure 8 just with a press of a button.

Ages: 12 +


  • Not intended for use in salt water
  • Includes: rechargeable LiPo battery (3.7V350 mAh), USB charging plug, 2 replacement propellers and small screwdriver
  • Remote Control BIONIC SHARK for loads of freshwater fun!
  • Dual motor drive system and bionic spine for realistic swimming motion!
  • 2 Speed settings (slower speed for bathtub setting)
  • Auto-pilot mode for swimming straight or figure eight
  • Includes rechargeable LiPo battery (20 minute play time)
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