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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Maker Kitz

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Maker Kitz

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Challenge your child's building skills when you let them create their very own vehicle with the Hot Wheels Maker Kitz 4WD Monster Truck Kit! This building kit comes with everything they'll need to make a 14cm long Monster Truck with humongous wheels including sheets of push-put parts, 2 sets of wheels, a ramp and instruction sheets. Simply let your child slide the panels together using the attachments then affix the wheels underneath the truck.

This kit is awesome because it requires no glue, no scissors and no batteries. And when it's complete, your child can just pull the monster truck back, let go and watch as it drives off!


  • The Hot Wheels Maker Kitz 4WD Monster Truck Kit comes with more than 40 pieces and parts to create a Monster Truck including:
    • 4 Sheets of Push-Out Parts
    • 2 Sets of Wheels
    • 1 Ramp
    • Instructions
  • When built, the truck comes with a pull-back motor that only needs to be pulled back and release to drive.
  • No batteries, glue nor scissors required!
  • Suitable for kids from ages 6 years and older.

Make your child's Hot Wheels racing adventures more exciting by letting them build the Hot Wheels Maker Kitz 4WD Monster Truck Kit and test out the ramp!

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