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Monopoly AFL - Game

Monopoly AFL - Game

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Monopoly AFL Football Edition Refresh Board Game! The AFL MONOPOLY edition. Toys and games are the heart of playtime, offering children and adults alike a wonderful blend of entertainment and education. From the simplest building blocks to complex strategy games, this diverse category encompasses an array of items that inspire creativity, critical thinking, and countless hours of enjoyment.



  • Buy your favourite clubs!
  • Suitable for two to six players!
  • Featuring all 18 clubs, iconic stadiums, landmarks and medals!


Notes & Tips:

  • Includes: 1 x AFL Game Board, Monopoly Money, Bankers Tray, 28 x Title Deed Cards, 16 x Community Chest & Chance Cards, 32 x Houses, 12 x Hotels, 6 x Exclusive Tokens, 2 Dice & Instructions.
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • 2-6 Players
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