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Parthenon - Board game

Parthenon - Board game

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An award-winning board game that immerses you in an exciting, competitive world filled with aggressive trading, perilous voyages, and the construction of grand monuments. It is a game of commerce for 3-6 players set in the islands of the Aegean Sea. The time is 600 B.C. and mainland Greece stands on the threshold of glory. The Aegean Islands now attempt to share in that glory and to thrive in an increasingly profitable (and dangerous) world.

Each player represents a different island in the Aegean Sea populated by two villages and a fleet of trading ships. Each island's villages produce commodities which are either traded with the other islands or sent abroad across the Mediterranean Sea. Fleets journeying to distant lands face the deadliest hazards, but also obtain the greatest rewards.

Each player strives to develop his island by building additional villages, workshops, and advanced structures such as fortresses, shrines, and academies. The first player to complete all of the structures on his or her island, including two Great Wonders, wins the game!

Contains 440 finely illustrated cards, 11" x 16" gameboard, 18 fleet counters, 1 Archon stand-up counter, 20 plastic counter stands, 6 large island reference cards.

Recommended for Age 12+
Playing time: 120-160 minutes
No. of players: 3-6

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