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Power Grid - Board Game

Power Grid - Board Game

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IThemePower Grid is the award winning game of power - electrical power that is. Released with new graphics and rules, players must purchase different forms of power generation factories and lay the necessary lines to supply cities while balancing initial costs of investment in each power station with the cost of a fluctuating fuel market. 

This is a highly popular, market-based board game that is highly strategy intensive and requires just a little maths to win. 

Gameplay: Power Grid is the game of electrical power generation. Players must supply the most number of cities with power at the end game to win, with players paying to mark pre-existing routes between cities to supply power to the cities.

However, they may only supply power to the cities if they have sufficient factories and the fuel to pay for the factories. As such, they may bid on new power generation plants each turn and the fuel to supply the plants before they build their routes.

Each power generation plant bid won reveals new, more advanced power plants that can now be purchased. As such, players will need to balance both building their power grid with buying new improved power plants to fuel the cities and weighing the cost of fuel for these plants (coal, oil, garbage and uranium). 

A constantly evolving, challenging game, Power Grid is a fan favorite for those who enjoy route building and auction games.

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