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Real Little Shoes

Real Little Shoes

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Real Littles are back with the things you love - made micro! This time its sneakers! Real Littles sneakers are the most fabulous range of mini footwear on the planet! So tiny and so cute, there are so many types of fashions and styles to find! From Platform, Slip-on, Basketball, High Top and more! In fact, there are 25 different sneakers and Sneakers to find and collect in Season 1.

Each pair of sneakers come in their own cute realistic miniature sneaker Box. Open it up and be surprised by the super cool designs you will find inside. There are Common, Rare and Ultra Rare sneakers to collect including Ultra Rare Color Change sneakers! Dip them in cold water and be amazed as they change before your eyes during their "Water Rinse Reveal"! Or maybe you will unbox the Limited Edition Light-Up sneakers!

Watch their soles sparkle as they actually light up! Each pair of Real Littles toy sneakers comes with a Hang Tag Chain so you can hang them anywhere you want. Put a few pairs on your backpack, school bag, pencil case or even accessorise by wearing them from your belt loop. With so many Real Littles sneakers to find and choose, you'll always step out in style!

Product Features:

  • What sneakers will you find inside? Will it be a Common, Rare or Ultra Rare sneaker?
  • With 25 sneaker styles to collect! Including Platform, Slip-on, Basketball, High Top and more!
  • Look out for the Limited-Edition Light-Up sneakers! They really light Up!
  • Find the Ultra-Rare Sneakers with a colour change reveal!
  • Use their Hang Tag Chain to hang them off your backpack, schoolbag or jeans!

Price is for single item. Multiple items shown. Each sold separately. Subject to availability. Colours and styles may vary from time to time in store.

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