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Real FX - Racing System Stage 1

Real FX - Racing System Stage 1

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Real FX has been engineered to create the most realistic racing system outside of the real thing! Using Artificial Intelligence to assist racers to stay on the track, Real FX takes skill to be the fastest driver in the race. Using a slotless and customisable track that can be set up and taken down in minutes, Real FX provides the fun of slot racing without the restrictions; Rich gameplay of video game racing, precision steering of the finest digital proportional Radio Control vehicles and more a more realistic racing experience than slots.

Next Generation Racing System – No Slots – No Limits! 

* Racing like you have never experienced before 
* Overtake / Undertake anywhere 
* Virtual Race Hazards and Audio Race Data 
* Single (but with two cars) & Multi-player Modes 
* 16 different Multi-Modular Track Layouts 
* Contents: 2 x AI R/C Race Cars; 2 x AI R/C Handsets; 12 x Piece RealFX Sensor-Track(TM) Set; Instruction Manual 
* Batteries: 6 x AA and 6 x AAA (not included) 

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