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Robo Alive Slithering Snake

Robo Alive Slithering Snake

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  • REALISTIC MOVEMENT: Fast slithering Snake. Watch it slither and weave just like a real snake.
  • ON PATROL: These snakes are on patrol, their eyes move just like a real snake patrolling their domain.
  • HUNTING FOR PREY: Tongue flicks in and out like a real snake on the hunt for prey!
  • SCARE IN THE DARK: With a light up mouth, this snake can search for prey in the dark.
  • ZURU ROBO ALIVE: Robo Alive features functioning robotic pets, that move and act like they're real! They're more than alive - they're Robo Alive!


  • This version of the Zuru Robo Alive Slithering Snake comes in Red.
  • It slithers, flicks its tongue out and moves its eyes just like a real-life snake.
  • Measures approximately 45cm in length.
  • Also comes in other colours (sold separately).
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries.
  • Suitable for ages 3 years and older.

Comes in two colours. Red or Green. Please select colour required. 

NB: Price is for a single Raptor

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