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Mini Diamond Kite

Mini Diamond Kite

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Kids will love this Mini Diamond Kite that is only 25x24cm big when assembled. Small enough to fit in a pocket ready to whip out and get into the sky in record time! Although it may be tiny, it still is made from the same quality spinnaker nylon and fiberglass spars.

This kite comes from the UK kite manufacturer Brookite who have been making quality kids kites for over 100 years. All their high quality kites are manufactured by traditional methods, hand stitched and using ripstop nylon.

Professor Plums loves encouraging kids to get outside and learning! Our range of kites for sale will get your kids flying a kite in no time! These unique kites designed to stand out in the skies and are easy to assemble. They're a great way to get kids enjoying the outdoors, learning about weather, physics and aerodynamics.

  • 25cm x 24cm
  • Spinnaker Nylon
  • Fiberglass Struts
  • 1 Handle
  • 1 Line (30m/6k)
  • Bf 1-2 (light air-light breeze)
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