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Stanley - Keypad Coding Robot

Stanley - Keypad Coding Robot

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Enhance your child's STEM skills and support their learning and adventures through mechanical engineering and coding!

Stanley the 3 in 1 Keypad Coding Robot is an adorable, one-of-a-kind keypad coding robot for novice programmers!

Your mission-based coding buddy is designed to inspire its user with a beginner-friendly coding method that doesn't require a computer, tablet or phone to operate. You can even build and re-build the parts into three different designs: the Shooter, Doodler or Sweeper!

Your "unplugged" Stanley features a simple coding keypad on top of his head, where kids can intuitively master the programming practices.

It won't take long and they'll be moving him in 8 different directions by pressing the buttons and watching him perform their commands!

Stanely is the perfect choice for your very first STEM coding robot. He's smarter and easier to operate than you would expect!

And, once you have mastered the coding basics through trial and error, he can be programmed to do a range of new and interesting tasks.

Follow the illustrated instructions to assemble the plastic parts to begin your programming journey. You can input a total of 64 commands with the keypad buttons - the sky's the limit!

Tools you'll need from home: A ruler, flathead screwdriver, phillips head screwdriver, fine marker pen, diagonal cutters and 4 x AAA batteries.

Total number of parts: 182

Recommended for ages 8 and up. 

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