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Sylvanian Families - Tuxedo Cat Family

Sylvanian Families - Tuxedo Cat Family

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The Marlowe Family are tuxedo cats and have pointy ears, long whiskers and their fur is a mash-mash of soot black and cream white. 

Father Mason Marlowe is quiet, reliable and close to his family. He spends his down time shopping with his daughters and teaching wife Natalie, and other Sylvanians, to play tennis. 

Mother Natalie has a sunny disposition and loves to get active! Shes first in the shops when they open in the morning and keeps ahead of the latest trends by reading fashion magazines. 

Sister Rose is as pretty as a picture, just like her mother, shes a little different from her twin sister Lily, but they have the same taste in clothes, and often swap togs, making them difficult to tell apart. Lily is good at sports just like her parents, and loves to shop! 

Ages: 3+
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