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The Mind - Game

The Mind - Game

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The game is co-operative. Each player gets a hand of cards. Play consists of a team getting all the cards in their hands into one central pile in the middle of the table. Where, cards in that pile must be in ascending order. The real catch to the game is there is no talking during the hand of cards. Players can not state in any way the value of the cards in their hands. They’ve got to create group think and understand what lack of action means.

Players can play a card at any time. If the card they play is higher than a card in anyone else’s hand, the team loses a life. Then, discard all the lower cards. Play then continues, until all hands are empty or they’ve lost all their lives. To start the next level, shuffle up the deck, and deal out a new hand of cards to each person, one more than last time. At the end of some levels, the team gains bonus lives or throwing stars. And what are throwing stars for? If everyone agrees by raising a hand, the group throws a star, and everyone can discard their lowest card.

The team starts at Level 1, where everyone gets a single card in their hand. Level 2 of the game consists of everyone starting with two cards. And so on up to Level 12. I’ve not yet got past level five. Level 8 is a win for four players. For me, at least, winning is more about doing better than last time than some specific goal line.

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