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Tobbie the Robot II - Microbit Included

Tobbie the Robot II - Microbit Included

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Tobbie II by CIC is the coolest and smartest robot ever! 

Tobbie II combines micro:bit technology with your imagination to create a variety of projects and activities that you can program.

The possibilities are endless!

All the benefits of the dynamic micro:bit have been integrated into the Tobbie II Robot.

Tobbie II is a build-it-yourself robot with a 360-degree free-rotation body.  Your Tobbie II kit includes all the electronic components, a motor, and an IR sensor to fill it with interactive fun. Tobbie II and micro:bit (which is included in the kit) are an ideal combination to introduce you to coding.

You will program with ease in Javascript Blocks Editor or Python Editor (for more advanced coders) on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. You don’t even need to download the software or drivers.

You can write all your code on the web app. Thanks to the pocket size micro:bit programmable microprocessor, coding becomes positive, accessible and far more interesting for children to learn and practice. With the surprising capacity of the BBC micro:bit and mechanical functionality of Tobbie II, you are introduced to the exciting future of coding and robotics.

Robotics meet BBC micro:bit. All the dynamic functionality of the Micro:bit microprocessor has been integrated into the Tobbie II Robot.Programmable build-it-yourself hexiped robot with a 360 degree free-rotation body.Accessible coding using Javascript Block Editor or Python for more advanced programmers.Downloaded programs: Tobbie II has 12 programs available for download, so you can start having fun immediately! Downloadable programs include light tracker, rock-paper-scissors, notice board and bowling.Cross Platform: Utilize your favourite device to code your new Tobbie II. Desktop, laptop, iOS or Android mobile devices supported.Best suited for Programmers and Engineers 10 and up.

Requires (4) AAA batteries (not included) 

Suitable from 8 Years +

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