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Vtech - Toot Toot Drivers Construction Set

Vtech - Toot Toot Drivers Construction Set

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Drive and work around this exciting new Toot-Toot Drivers Construction Site by VTech!

Launch the included Toot-Toot dumper truck from the very top and watch as it scoots down the corkscrew track onto the cradle and down the second track! Lift, track splitter and rock chute add to the role-play fun and help transport your Toot-Toot vehicles around the construction site. Load the dumper truck with the rock accessories to transport them! Play set includes six SmartPoint locations that trigger fun phrases and sounds when driven over with the included dumper truck or other Toot-Toot vehicles. Truck includes three sing-along songs, melodies and lots of fun realistic sound effects.

Suitable for ages: 1-5 years.

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