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Wahu - Beach Footy

Wahu - Beach Footy

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All Wahu® beach balls feature a high quality waterproof neoprene skin, real laces, butyl air-filled bladder and raised graphics for maximum grip. It's the sports ball of choice on the beach, the park, the street, indoors - in fact, wherever you choose to play. Neoprene skin and an air-filled bladder contribute to a lightweight, durable, high performance product that is easy to pass, easy to catch and yet will satisfy the performance demands of players of any age.

Saltwater, sand, moisture from wet grass are repelled by the neoprene skin which means that Wahu® balls are never slippery, greasy or unpleasant to handle.

• Waterproof Neoprene Skin - All weather handling and durability
• Real Laces - For authentic feel
• Butyl Air-filled Bladder - Lightweight/High performance
• Raised Graphics - For maximum grip
• Full Size Ball.

NB: Packaging can vary due to new designs

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