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Wahu - Dive Rings

Wahu - Dive Rings

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Transform your yard pool into a super-cool scuba diving tank with the Wahu Dive Rings! This set comes with 3 soft and squishy pool rings that are made of soft and water-absorbent material which allows it to sink to the bottom of the pool. Kids can enjoy throwing it into the pool then diving in to retrieve each one! Each ring is made with fun bright colours, making the Wahu Dive Rings easy to find underwater and an amazing addition to your child's summer fun!


  • This set comes with 3 Wahu Dive Rings made of soft water-absorbent material that makes it sink easily to the pool floor.
  • Each dive stick comes in fun bright colours to make it more visible during underwater dives!
  • Each dive ring measures approximately 13cm in diameter.
  • Suitable for kids from ages 6 years and older.

Support your child's passion to improve their diving skills by letting them throw the Wahu Dive Rings into the pool then retrieve them as fast as they can!

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